Hounslow leading London lighting

Posted on: July 11, 2019 at 4:23 pm

Hounslow Highways is racing ahead in lighting technology and operations, and environmental efficiency setting a benchmark for other local Authorities across London.

Following a meeting of the London Lighting Engineers Group, Hounslow was identified as the leading London borough for reducing lighting energy consumption through the rapid conversion of over 14,000 sodium lanterns into LED lanterns within three years. Wastage has also been reduced through the energy-efficient design for each street with each lighting point fitted with the most economical lantern.

At the heart of the street lighting success is the use of a Central Management System, operated from a central hub, resulting in fewer site visits as the system identifies lighting faults and allows for lights to be dimmed or brightened. The information from this system is merged with our main asset management system ensuring our asset inventory is kept up to date.

Hounslow Highways Divisional Director, Martin Clack, said: “We are proud to be in a position where we are optimising our technology to reduce the cost, resource and energy required to safely light Hounslow’s streets. We will continue to share our best working practices with our partners in other Authorities to improve lighting management across the UK.”

Hounslow Highways has converted over 90% of Hounslow’s lighting stock to LED lights since the 1st January 2013.