Removal of dead animals

We will collect any dead animals that are reported on the public roads.

Hounslow is proud to have large open spaces and parks as well as a large residential population which in many instances are pet owners. Unfortunately there are occasions when wildlife (foxes, badgers, birds) and domesticated animals (cats, dogs) are injured on or near the roads in the borough. Animal carcasses left on the highway are a possible health hazard and so require prompt removal. It is also desirable to advise pet owners as soon as possible that their family pet has been found so that the appropriate arrangements can be made by the owners to collect them.

In order to aid the process Hounslow Highways will endeavour to:

  • Collect any animal carcasses from the highway within two hours of us being aware of them. All animal carcasses are stored at our depot in appropriate facilities to preserve the body and eliminate any health hazard.
  • We keep detailed records of cats and dogs collected from the highway to allow for their identification, should owners contact us.
  • Check animal carcasses for microchip details so that the owners details can be gathered where possible.
  • Once the animal carcass has been scanned we will contact the owner and keep the body for 48 hours in order to allow sufficient time for collection from our offices at Jubilee House Depot.

We understand that the loss of a family pet can be a difficult experience so we do try and act with sensitivity when conducting the above operations.

If you have a query or would like to report an animal carcass then please contact us using our online form.

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