What is our inspection regime?

As well as the core investment programme of improvements across the borough, we are also responsible for routine maintenance of the roads, footpaths and cycleways in Hounslow.

You can contact us to request improvements or report problems on the roads and footpaths.

To ensure that budgets are contained within their allocation, it is necessary to objectively assess the severity, nature and location of defects to determine if repairs are necessary. Defects will only be repaired if they are regarded as hazardous or serious, and in order that consistent standards are adopted throughout the borough, clearly defined categories known as ‘intervention levels’ are set.

Very heavily used (town centres) 15 mm trip / rocker
Heavily used (shopping areas, schools, hospitals etc.) 20 mm trip / rocker
Frequently used (principal roads) 25 mm trip / rocker
Other (residential roads) 25 mm trip / rocker
Areas where potholes may be particularly hazardous such as crossings, junctions

and in or adjacent to the kerb

40 mm pothole
Very heavily used (town centres) 50 mm pothole
Heavily used (shopping areas, schools, hospitals etc.) 50 mm pothole
Frequently used (principal roads) 50 mm pothole
Other (residential roads) 75 mm pothole

If the defect exceeds intervention level, an order will be raised. For urgent orders this may be on a one day or one week priority, while less urgent defects will be issued as four week orders.

For more information on how to determine if a highway defect requires repair, click here.

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