Dealing with leaf fall

There are over 60,000 trees in the London Borough of Hounslow, of which 11,300 are street trees on the roadside, maintained by Hounslow Highways.

In early autumn, leaves begin to fall from deciduous trees and it is Hounslow Highways’ responsibility to clear leaves and debris from trees that falls on the public areas Hounslow Highways maintains.

The leaf clearance programme has been compiled from past experience and data we have gathered from leaf-fall patterns associated with different tree species, including periods of leaf-drop and the volumes expected to fall. Hot summer weather, high winds, storms and frosts can accelerate leaf-fall causing our leaf clearance operation to commence earlier than expected. Similarly, mild, dry weather in early autumn may delay the start of the leaf clearance season.

Extra resources are deployed to help keep the streets clear of leaves and each ward in the borough will be visited between October and January in addition to the fortnightly cleanse where operatives will remove leaves as part of their day-to-day street cleansing activities. We have also identified areas with higher number of street trees or leaf problems; these have been scheduled within the wards as ‘hotspots’ (indicated by red marker on each map) and will receive repeated visits throughout the season.

If reports of leaf fall are received and the leaves are considered excessive, reactive teams will clear them within two business days.

What about the leaves in my garden?

Hounslow Highways is responsible for clearing leaves off the roads and pavements on the network we maintain for the London Borough of Hounslow. It is the responsibility of the property owner to clear leaves off their own land and we will not use our scheduled teams to clear leaves from private property. Please do not sweep leaves onto the pavements after our teams have carried out leaf clearance as this will use up our resource scheduling in a return visit.

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