White Bar Markings

A white bar marking is a non-enforceable line marked on the road across a crossover. It’s purpose is to notify other drivers that vehicles accessing the crossover require the marked amount of space to safely turn in and out of the crossover.

It is important to note that white lines are provided for advisory purposes only. If a vehicle is parked in front of your property and you have an authorised crossover, you may contact the Parking Team at London Borough of Hounslow on 0208 583 5451/5452 during office hours. You can also contact Hounslow Highways by raising an enquiry on our reporting tool Fix My Street.

How do I apply for a white bar marking?

You will need to have an existing authorised crossover in place. Additionally, you cannot have any current parking restriction lines i.e. yellow lines in front of the crossover. Your application will only be considered if you meet this criteria.  Please download and complete the application form at the bottom of this page. Please do not submit payment with your application.

You can return the fully completed application by post to White Bar Marking Applications, Hounslow Highways Ltd, Jubilee House, Depot Road, Hounslow TW3 1SN. Alternatively, please scan and attach the application form via our contact page. Please select White Bar Marking in the enquiry description field.

What happens once I have submitted my application?

We will carry out an initial site assessment of the crossover for eligibility for a white bar.  Final approval will be given by London Borough of Hounslow who will assess the traffic implications. We will then inform you if your application has been approved. It is only following acceptance of your application that payment will be requested. Current cost of installation is £109.40 per affected property. For commercial use the cost is £214.65.

Please note – should your neighbours’ consent be also required, they too will be charged for cost of installation.

Installation and post-installation

Once your application has been approved, we will install the white bar marking in front of your authorised crossover within 28 days of confirmation from London Borough of Hounslow that your payment has received and processed. The entire process of application and installation will take approximately 8-10 weeks.

If in future London Borough of Hounslow introduce parking restrictions in your area such as yellow lines, CPZ scheme etc and subsequently remove your white bar marking, you will not be entitled to a refund on cost of white bar installation.


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