Deep Cleanse Programme

The Deep Cleanse Programme was developed to deliver a holistic cleansing and enforcement programme targeted at certain locations, which have been identified as requiring dedicated action to bring them up to the highest cleansing standard. These include roads that have high levels of traffic flow or have a permanent parked vehicle presence, which restricts cleansing vehicles being able to access the channels to clear out debris.

To enable the roads to be ‘deep cleansed’, we may obtain temporary road closures.

The works carried out through this method of cleansing can include:

  • mechanical and manual cleansing potentially aided by parking restrictions and/or road closures.
  • graffiti teams;
  • gully cleansing;
  • environmental officers addressing overgrown vegetation and unlawfully placed domestic and trade waste and other enforcement action.

For other queries about the deep cleanse programme, please read our FAQs here.

The next Deep Cleanse Programme will be scheduled from June 2023.



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