Street trees

Hounslow Highways is responsible for the management and maintenance of approximately 11,400 street trees on the public highway, on behalf of the Council. If you would like to find out more information about Hounslow Highway’s Tree Strategy, please find a document outlining it attached here and at the bottom of this webpage.

We undertake a survey of the borough’s street trees once every three years. The schedule, which is arranged by ward, can be seen here. At the bottom of the page there are some of our most commonly asked questions.


Tree Management

Hounslow Highways prunes trees for health and safety reasons, and from recommendations made following the tree survey.

We do not prune or remove trees for the following reasons:

  • Interference with satellite, TV or media reception
  • Touching telephone wires
  • Falling leaves, fruit, pollen, honey dew or bird fouling
  • Where a tree is considered to be too large
  • Obstruction of view
  • Lack of/too much light
  • Because someone is willing to pay
  • The perceived risk that a tree may damage a building

However, if you have a query that is not addressed by the above information, please report the issue via our ‘Report It‘ page.

Lime trees tend to produce epicormic growth at their base during the summer months. Epicormic growth is  growth shoots from the bottom of trees.  This can begin to obstruct public highways or footways, so we remove this growth from street trees twice a year; during May to June and then from September to October.

If you would like to learn more about how you can support Hounslow’s Trees, please view our Tree Watering Initiative on our Community Page.

Hounslow Highways does not maintain trees on Housing-owned land or in parks. For more information on trees in these areas, please visit Hounslow Council’s website.

Please find Hounslow Highway’s Tree Strategy (29.6.21) by clicking here.

Please find Hounslow Highways 2021 Newly Planted Tree Watering List (16.12.2021) by clicking here. This list includes trees that have already been planted. If you see a newly planted tree in your street, we would love for you to get involved and water the tree, as that will help it establish better.

If you would like to find out more information about how you can get involved in watering the street trees, please click here to view Hounslow Highways Community Tree Watering Initiative.



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