Gritting routes in Feltham/Hanworth

The following roads will be gritted during the winter:




Air Mono Lane Park Way Browells Lane
Ashford Road High St Feltham Boundary
Bear Road County Way Swan Road
Bedfont Road St Dunstans Road Staines Road
Beavers Lane Salisbury Road Martindale Road
Bedfont Lane Ashmead Road High Street Feltham
Bedfont Lane Staines Road Ashmead Road
Berkeley Avenue School Byron Avenue
Berkeley Avenue Byron Avenue Bath Road
Browells Lane Forest Road Uxbridge Road
Browells Lane Air Mono Lane High Street
Byron Avenue Berkeley Avenue Woodfield Road
Carlton Avenue Hounslow Road Sparrow Farm Drive
Castle Way Sunbury Way Elmwood Avenue
Chaucer Avenue Woodfield Road Berkeley Avenue
Chertsey Road Ashford Road Boundary
Churchfields Avenue Saxon Avenue Watermill Way
Clockhouse LA Staines Road Ashford Boundary
Elmwood Avenue Castle Way Ordnance Close
Faggs Road Hatton Road The Causeway
Feltham Hill Road Country Way Groveley Road
Felthambrook Way Poplar Way Elmwood Ave
Felthambrook Way Poplar Way Feltham Hill Road
Forest Road Elmwood Avenue Browells Lane
Granville Avenue Guildford Ave Rochester Ave
Green Lane Swan Road Richmond Boundary
Green Lane Staines Road The Causeway
Groveley Road Feltham Hill Road Boundary
Guildford Avenue Rochester Ave Granville Ave
Hamilton Road Chertsey Road Feltham Hill Road
Hampton Lane Swan Road Boundary
Hanworth Road High St Feltham Uxbridge Road
Hatton Road New Road Faggs Road
Hatton Road Staines Road Stanwell Road
High Street St Dunstans Road Ashford Road
High Street St Dunstans Road Bedfont Lane
Highfield Road High Street Bedfont Lane
Hounslow Road Hampton Road West Richmond Boundary
Hounslow Road Hampton Road West Country Way
Hounslow Road Bedfont Lane Staines Road
Main Street Green Lane Nallhead Road
Nallhead Road Main Street Country Way
New Road Hounslow Road Bedfont
Park Way Forest Road Air Mono Lane
Poplar Way Maple Way Felthambrook Way
Poplar Way High Street Maple Way
Raleigh Road Bedfont Lane Rosemead Ave
Rochester Avenue Rosemead Ave Guildford Ave
Rochester Avenue Granville Ave High Street
Rosemead Avenue Raleigh Road Rochester Ave
The Drive Sparrow Farm Drive Hounslow Road
Salisbury Road Green Lane Beavers Lane
Saxon Avenue Hounslow Road Churchfields Avenue
Shelson Avenue Chertsey Road Ashford Road
Sparrow Farm Drive Carlton Avenue The Drive
St Dunstans Road High Street High Street
Staines Road Faggs Road Baber Bridge
Staines Road Green Lane Clockhouse Lane
Stanwell Road Hatton Road Airport Boundary
Sunbury Road Feltham Hill Rd Ashford Road
Sunbury Way Country Way Castle Way
Swan Road Bear Road Hampton Lane
Watermill Way Churchfields Avenue Saxon Avenue
Woodfield Road The Parkway Silver Jubilee Way
Woodfield Road Byron Avenue Regent Close

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