Gritting routes in Hounslow

The following roads will be gritted during the winter:




Argyle Avenue Park Avenue Whitton Road
Bell Road Hanworth Road Bell Junction
Bridge Road Pears Road London Road
Bridge Road Worton Road Pears Road
Cambridge Road Martindale Road Wellington Road North
Central Avenue Hall Road Heath Road
Cromwell Road Staines Road Hanworth Road
Cross Lances Road Hanworth Road Whitton Road
Douglas Road High Street Hanworth Road
Grove Road Cromwell Road New Grove Road
Hall Road Heath Road Central Avenue
Hall Road Central Ave Whitton Dene
Hanworth Road Bell Road High Street
Hanworth Road Wellington Rd Sth Bell Road
Hanworth Terrace Bell Road Whitton Road
Heath Road Inwood Road Worton Road
Hibernia Road Hanworth Road Staines Road
High Street Kingsley Road Douglas Road
Inwood Road Hanworth Rd Heath Road
Link Road Douglas Road New Grove Road
Martindale Road Staines Road Beavers Lane
Martindale Road Beavers Lane Bath Road
Mogden Lane Whitton Dene Twickenham Road
New Grove Road Bell Road Staines Road
Park Avenue Whitton Road Argyle Avenue
Park Road Whitton Road Roseberry Road
Pears Road Barrier Inwood Road
Pears Road Bridge Road Barrier
Riverside Walk Woodlands Road Barrier
Roseberry Road Park Road Central Avenue
Roseberry Road Whitton Dene Park Road
Staines Road Bell Road Green Lane
Station Road Whitton Road Hanworth Road
Summerwood Road Mogden Lane Mogden Lane
Wellington Road North Cambridge Road Bath Road
Wellington Road South Staines Road Hanworth Road
Whitton Dene Whitton Road Mogden Lane
Whitton Road Hanworth Road Hanworth Terrace
Woodlands Road Hanworth Road Boundary
Woodlands Road St Johns Road Riverside Walk
Worton Road Twickenham Road Hall Road

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