Winter maintenance

Hounslow Highways will work together with other agencies across London to keep traffic on the borough’s roads moving if and when cold weather strikes.

We have salt stocks in the borough and our fleet of gritters and snow ploughs are ready to start work as soon as ice and snow is forecast.

What we do

Our main aims this winter are to ensure that as far as is reasonably practicable, we keep the borough’s roads as clear and safe as possible during the winter months and to minimise delays and accidents caused by adverse weather conditions.

In Hounslow we are responsible for 259 miles of roads. In an ideal world we would aim to treat every road in the borough but in reality this is not possible due to cost and resources. Instead, by working together with other agencies we have identified the priority routes that help keep the borough moving.

Please note that Highways England is responsible for treating the M25 and M4, whilst Transport for London (TfL) is responsible for treating the A4, A30, A406, A205, A312 and A316 in the borough.

Working together with Highways England, TfL and other key agencies, we will:

  • Salt roads to help prevent ice forming
  • Remove snow using snow ploughts and snow blowers
  • Maintain salt supplies in local grit bins

What we ask of you

In return, we ask that you are prepared for the winter too. Before you set off in your car, please make sure you check your route and the weather forecast and keep listening to your local radio station for travel news while you are on the road. Make sure you are prepared with a winter weather kit – including warm clothes, boots, food and drink, de-icer, ice scraper and shovel. In severe weather, only drive if your journey is absolutely essential and if you can, try to delay your journey until the weather improves.


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