Dealing with graffiti and fly-posting

Graffiti and fly-posting are criminal damage, anti-social, create a negative impression of the local neighbourhood and contribute to an increased fear of crime.

Graffiti is any informal or illegal marks, scratching, carvings, drawings or paintings that have been deliberately made by a person or group of people in a public space.

Fly-posting is any printed material that is unauthorised and (informally or illegally) fixed to any structure.  It includes all sizes of material from small self-adhesive stickers to large posters. Fly-posting it is often advertising popular music recordings, concerts and other events.

Hounslow Highways is responsible for the removal of graffiti and fly-posting if it is visible from the Project Cleansing Network, on the surface of any building, wall, fence or other structure.

Where graffiti has been placed on sites that have been specifically authorised by the council, such as graffiti walls and authorised murals, these will be excluded.

Fly-posting excludes formally managed and approved advertising hoardings and any other authorised, legally placed signs and notices (unless they are out-of-date). Public notices are deemed fly-posting if they have been left up for more than one calendar month after their expiry date.

If you notice graffiti or fly-posting you can report it to us using our online form.

Hounslow Highways will endeavour to remove non-offensive graffiti and non-offensive fly-posting within 7 days, however if it is considered offensive  we will remove it within 24 hours, and gather necessary information to follow through with enforcement and recovery of removal cost.

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