Cars for sale

Multiple cars parked for sale on the public highway is becoming an increasing problem around Hounslow.

It is not the intention to target a resident who wishes to sell their car whilst it is parked outside their home. However we aim to combat the hotspot areas where numerous cars are regularly being offered for sale at the side of the road that cause distraction and damage the roadside verge.

Examples of unacceptable practices will include vehicles with prices, vehicle specifications and contact details, and:

  • Vehicles left in a location that is clearly not intended to be used for parking
  • Vehicles left on a grass verge
  • Vehicles that are not taxed
  • A series of vehicles for sale that have the same contact number
  • Vehicles that are left in highly conspicuous and inappropriate locations.

If you notice multiple cars parked for sale that are causing concern please contact us using our online form.

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