Hounslow Highways crews are clearing leaves across the borough.

Hounslow Highways steps up leafing programme

Posted on: July 11, 2019 at 2:11 pm

Hounslow Highways teams are out and about ensuring that the streets are clear of leaves that have begun to fall this season from the borough’s 11,400 street trees.

Cllr Amrit Mann, cabinet member for environment, said: “Hounslow’s parks and tree lined streets look magnificent because of the autumnal colours.

“But falling leaves can block drains and gullies and when they’re wet they can also be a slippery hazard.

“It’s great to see Hounslow Highways making a tremendous effort this year to make sure our streets and pavements are kept as clear as possible from leaves.”

Hounslow Highways Service Director Rob Gillespie said: “Last year we cleared 150 tonnes of leaves, which is equivalent to – ten double deckers.

“We have stepped up our resources to deal with leaf fall this season as part of our drive to keep Hounslow’s streets neat, clean and tidy.”

Hounslow Highways have dedicated leaf clearance teams using a combination of methods to clear the leaves including barrow teams, mechanical sweepers, and blowers and suckers.

If you’re concerned about leaf fall on your streets you can contact us and we will investigate further.