Hounslow Highways Have A New Reporting System

Posted on: December 5, 2019 at 9:51 am

Why was the decision taken to use this app?

The changing pace of technology means that more and more residents were telling Hounslow Highways that they wanted to report things on the go and that it could be frustrating to have to take photos and then upload enquriies from a PC at home. The Fix My Street app allows residents to easily raise enquries whilst also giving Hounslow Highways the highest quality and most accurate information. Reporting can still be done on a tablet or PC at home for those that are more comfortable with it. The Fix My Street app has been develeped for over six months by Hounslow Highways and their partners to create something bespoke and appropriate for Hounslow’s residents.

What Improvements Have Been Made to The New Reporting System?

We have created a small list of some of the bigger improvements that are currently on the new reporting system.

Allows for enquiries to be raised via android and apple mobile devices.
Accounts also allow reporters to have visibility of all the enquiries they have raised historically on that account.
Improved mapping layers to include the streetlighting, building and other inventory outlines.
Simpler dropdowns and completion boxes
Resident can now create accounts that mean they can save some contact details to use when submitting each report avoiding repeated entering.Reduce duplicate reporting by openly sharing details and images of each report submitted by any user.

Why do I have to give my name and an email address?

We need your email address so that we can contact you with further information regarding your enquiry if necessary.If you want to anonymise a report you made in the past, sign in to your account (see below for how to register) and you’ll see a ‘Hide your name?’ option on the report. You can also choose to be anonymous when submitting reports.

How Will I Receive A Response?

Hounslow Highways and Fix My Street will send an update to residents informing them of the resolution of their enquiry. However, some intermediary updates to the enquiry’s status will not be sent via email to residents and can only be seen by checking the enquiry in Fix My Street. The reason for this is so that residents do not receive multiple emails a day with small incremental updates, and instead are notified only when Hounslow Highways have received and finished investigating/resolving the issue. If you wish to see the process your enquiry took to being closed, you can click on the closed enquiry and see a log of its status history.