Love where you live

Posted on: July 11, 2019 at 3:57 pm

As part of the Metropolitan Police’s Junior Citizen Scheme 2015, Hounslow Highways is encouraging 2,000 students from 30 different schools to ‘love where they live’.

Through two-way interactive sessions, the children are asked why they think it is important to take care of the local environment and to highlight what they see as the negative impacts of littering.

The sessions also emphasise the damage that littering, fly-tipping and spraying graffiti can have on the local environment and the people who live there.

A quiz concludes the sessions, with questions such as how long it takes commonly littered materials, such as chewing gum and cigarette butts, to degrade.

The children also learn about the fines issued by Hounslow Highways and the council for cleansing offences.

To support the scheme, teachers in the partaking schools were provided with an information pack which explains in detail the enforcement activities carried out by Hounslow Highways and in particular, how schools can help to improve the quality of the local environment.

Hounslow Highways Service Director, Rob Gillespie, added: “It is a wonderful opportunity for us to be working with the Metropolitan Police and other key organisations to deliver important civic pride messages at Junior Citizen which allows us to reach such a large audience of children. This is a key component of our wider strategy which aims to deliver a cleaner, greener borough for everyone.”

The Junior Citizen Scheme 2015 is organised by the Metropolitan Police and runs from 15-26 June.