‘Report it online’ function is live

Posted on: July 11, 2019 at 4:09 pm

A new map based reporting function is now available on our website for members of the public to report enquiries about street services.

The map allows a user to see all enquiries which have been reported to Hounslow Highways in the last month and their status based on the investigations and any required actions carried out.

Customers also have the option to ‘follow’ enquiries to receive updates on the status of existing enquiries.

Any user submitting a new enquiry with a valid email address will receive automatic updates each time the status of their enquiry changes.

Hounslow Highways Service Director, Rob Gillespie, said: “The new mapping based reporting function provides real time alerts to customers informing them exactly when their enquiry has been investigated and when works have been programmed, if required. The new function also eliminates duplication as users can check if their enquiry is already being investigated by us. These improvements are a significant step in our commitment to ensure customers receive timely updates on enquiries they submit and access to information they require.”

The new reporting function can be found here.