Hounslow Highways staff clean-up Frampton Road

Posted on: July 11, 2019 at 2:09 pm

Hounslow Highways’ Environment and Sustainability team recently cleared over 60 bags of rubbish from the woodland on Frampton Road at the junction with Staines Road.

Going above and beyond their normal duties, the team was joined by Police Community Support Officer Daniel Cheeseman from the Hounslow Heath Safer Neighbourhoods Team.

They picked up enough tin cans, glass and plastic to fill about 12 recycling sacks, as well as general litter, clothing, books, cardboard and packaging material to fill 50 green general waste sacks.

Other large items were also removed, including metal bed frames and other discarded metal household items.

Hounslow Highways Service Director Rob Gillespie said: “The Environment and Sustainability team have done a great job and have been clearing this area of land for a few years now, despite it not being on the project network maintained by Hounslow Highways.

“We are working with the council to carry out some maintenance work to the shrubs and trees in order to make the area more visible to members of the public and prevent it becoming a haven for littering, fly-tipping and general anti-social behavior.”

Hounslow Highways’ Environment and Sustainability team carries out clean-up days throughout the year and they will soon be hosting a clean-up day at Barnes Passage in Chiswick.

If you know of an area that could use some attention or would like to host a community clean-up day, please submit an enquiry online.