Hounslow Highways clamps down on litter louts

Posted on: July 11, 2019 at 12:29 pm

Hounslow Highways community environment officers and local police teamed up this week in a bid to clamp down on litterlouts.

Officers patrolled Brentford and Hounslow high streets looking out for anyone dropping litter.

Councillor Colin Ellar, deputy leader and cabinet member for environment, said: “Hounslow Highways and the council are working hard to keep the borough clean and with over 800 litter bins across the borough there is simply no excuse to spoil our streets.

“My message to litter louts is simple – don’t drop litter or you could be landed with an on-the spot fine.”

Inspector Ricky Kandohla said:Working in close partnership with our local authority has given us a good opportunity to deal with the environmental issues that has affected so many of our local residents. Introducing this clamp down has also cleaned up certain areas which gives the effect of a crime and clean free area. Such initiatives will continue across Hounslow Borough. “

Hounslow Highways service director Rob Gillespie said: “Our cleansing regime is constantly evolving to cater for seasonal changes and to give the borough a better, deeper clean. While it is our job to carry out street cleansing, it is up to everyone to dispose of their litter and waste responsibly. Only when this happens will we start to see the positive effects of a cleaner, greener borough that we can all be proud of.”

The clampdown on litter louts will continue throughout the borough.