Enviro-education with Enabling Enterprise

Posted on: July 11, 2019 at 4:17 pm

Hounslow Highways continues its work with a non-profit social enterprise to educate schoolchildren.

Two engagement days were held at our offices this month for pupils from Cranford and St Mary’s Catholic Primary Schools.

Pupils designed gadgets, such as self-compacting litter bins, inflatable hi-vis vests and sweeper-gritter combo trucks, while learning the importance of environmental responsibility and safety.

The days focus learning around key skills for pupils including leadership, teamwork and problem solving.

Hounslow Highways Service Director, Martin Clack, said: “The tasks given to pupils on these days focus their understanding on the volume of work put into litter picking and removing fly-tipping. With these efforts, we aim to build a future generation of environmentally conscious Hounslow residents who take pride in where they live.”

Plans are in place for Hounslow Highways to hold six more engagement days with Hounslow schools.

Schools interested in joining the Enabling Enterprise programme should click here.