High profile cleansing routes

We have 12 high profile routes which are on a different cleansing schedule to our two weekly residential road schedule as these are higher footfall areas. These routes are cleansed by barrow operatives and also receive mechanised cleansing.


Please see below a summary of the high profile routes:

1) Hounslow High Street East
High Street: London Road to Douglas Road 
Hanworth Road: Inwood Road to High Street
School Road
Laurence Road
Footway: Prince Regent Road to High Street
Saddlers Place
Crown Yard
Holloway Street
Wells Lane
Douglas Road
Fair Street
Gilbert Street


2) Hounslow High Street West
High Street: Bell Road to Douglas Road 
Bell Square
Bell Road
Grove Road: Bell Road to Staines Road
Montague Road: High Street to York Road
Red Lion Walk


3) Hounslow West High Street
Bath Road: From Sutton Lane to Great West Road 
Maitland Close: First 10 Meters
Standard Road: First 10 Meters
Solway Close: First 10 Meters
Martindale Road: First 10 Meters
Siddeley Drive
Cavendish Parade
Rosemary Avenue to Francis Road
Manor Avenue to Francis Road
Basildene Road to Francis Road
Springwell Road to Great West Road
Vicarage Farm Road to Great West Road
Cranston Close
St. Paul’s Close

4) Feltham High Street
Hounslow Road: From Harlington Road to Hanworth Road
Hanworth Road: First 50 Meters
Bedfont Lane to the Railway
Feltham High Street: From Bedfont Lane to Ashford Road
Footway behind Chapel Square
Browells Lane: First 10 Meters
Cavendish Parade
Manor Lane: First 10 Meters
Vineyard Road: First 50 Meters
Spring Corner


5) Cranford High Street
Bath Road: From Henlys Roundabout to Boundary 
Travellers Way: First 10 Meters
Haslemere Avenue: First 10 Meters
Burnham Gardens: First 10 Meters
Clevedon Gardens: First 10 Meters
Community Close: First 10 Meters
Footway to Meadowbank Gardens
Berkeley Avenue: First 10 Meters
Waye Avenue: First 10 Meters
High Street: First 10 Meters
The Avenue
Firs Drive: First 10 Meters
Mornington Crescent: Both sides first 10 Metres
Woodfield Road 
Subway Waggoners Roundabout
Subway Woodfield Road to Stansfield Road
The Parkway: From Waggoners Roundabout to Great South West Road
The Parkway: From Waggoners Roundabout to High Street


6) Brentford High Street
Brentford High Street: Commerce Road to Holland Gardens
The Ham
Brent Way
Catherine Wheel Road 
Half Acre to The Butts 
Back Lane 
Alexandra Road 
Pump Alley 
Town Meadow 
Goat Wharf
Wilkes Road 
Albany Parade 
Albany Road: From Wilkes Road to Ealing Road
Ealing Road to Netley Road 
Pottery Road: First 10 Meters
North Road: First 10 Meters


7) Chiswick West High Street
Chiswick High Road: From Chiswick Roundabout to Duke Road
Power Road: First 10 Meters 
Oxford Road North: First 10 Meters 
Thorney Hedge Road: First 10 Meters 
Silver Crescent: First 10 Meters 
Burlington Road: First 10 Meters 
Marlborough Road: First 10 Meters 
Chiswick Road
Acton Lane to Colonial Lane 
Sutton Lane North to Heathfield Terrace
Heathfield Terrace: From Sutton Lane North to Chiswick High Road
Town Hall Avenue
Barley Mow Passage 
Essex Place Square
Belmont Road: First 10 Meters 
Prospect Place
Clifton Gardens
Fishers Lane to Dolman Road 
Bourne Place 
Duke’s Avenue: First 10 Meters 


8) Chiswick East High Street
Chiswick High Road: From Duke Road to Goldhawk Road 
Linden Gardens: Both sides first 10 Meters 
Oxford Road North: First 10 Meters 
Bond Street 
Windmill Road: First 10 Meters 
Devonshire Road: First 10 Meters 
Elliott Road: First 10 Meters 
Annandale Road: First 10 Meters 
Turnham Green to Bath Road  
Brackley Road: First 10 Meters 
Mayfield Avenue: First 10 Meters 
Thornton Avenue: First 10 Meters 
Cranbrook Road: First 10 Meters 
Upham Park Road: First 10 Meters 
Chiswick Lane: First 100 Meters
Ennismore Avenue: First 10 Meters 
Homefield Road: First 10 Meters 
Merton Avenue: First 10 Meters 
Cleveland Avenue: First 10 Meters 
Airedale Avenue: First 10 Meters 
Ravensmede Way: First 10 Meters 
Netheravon Road: First 10 Meters 
Prebend Gardens: First 10 Meters 
Goldhawk Road: From Chiswick High Road to Stamford Brook Station (Hounslow side) 
British Grove to Berestede Road 


9) Hounslow Central - Main Route 1
Kingsley Road
Treaty Centre
Lampton Road
Grove Road
Cecil Road
Prince Regent Road

11) Hounslow Heath-Heston Central-Staines Road-Bedfont Lane - Main Route 2
Staines Road: From Wellington Road to Grove Road
Wellington Road South
Hanworth Road
Cromwell Road 
Hibernia Road 
Heston Road 
New Heston Road 
Vicarage Farm Road 
Cranford Lane 
Great West Road - Front of Shops
Staines Road, Feltham
Harlington Road West
Bedfont Lane


11) Isleworth-Brentford- Hanworth-Feltham - Main Route 3
Hounslow Road
Uxbridge Road, Feltham
Hampton Road, East
Hampton Road, West 
St. John's Road
Twickenham Road
South Street
London Road
Spur Road
Syon Lane
Staines Road, Feltham
Harlington Road West
Bedfont Lane
A4 Boston Manor Road-Ealing Road
Boston Manor Road
Ealing Road 


12) Brentford-Chiswick-Hanworth - Main Route 4 
Kew Bridge Road
Brentford High Street 
Strand on the Green
Thames Road
Chiswick High Road: From Kew Bridge to Chiswick Roundabout
A4 Boston Manor Road-Ealing Road
Boston Manor Road
Ealing Road 
Hounslow Road
Uxbridge Road, Feltham
Hampton Road East
Hampton Road West 


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